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While working as a motion designer at Ignition Creative, the mograph department was given the task to pitch/create the end title sequence for the movie “Pain and Gain”. My styleframes outlining the look were the ones selected for the piece. My look was large bold yellow type completely covering a desaturated image beneath. From these styleframes, our team of designers and animators created a physical crime board which we shot, composited, and animated. I was responsible for designing and animating this section seen here (except for the design of the “Directed By Michael Bay” card). I also enjoyed adding touches like the flipbook-like animation to the stripper photos. ¬†Although this end title sequence was not selected to accompany the movie, it’s still something I’m proud of and was fun to work on. The music “Gangster’s Paradise” was remixed by our editor at Ignition.


After Effects, Digital Camera, collaging of elements


These are the original styleframes that were selected for the look of the piece: