Save the DATE!

So, for our wedding, I wanted to create a “Save the Date” that was unique and represented Jamey and I.  At first, I only thought of designing some sort of logo, but then I thought, why stop there? I’m an animator, why not make a flipbook where our logo animates on and provides the date and place information! So, combining all of these ideas, this project was born.  Since Jamey is a rocket scientist (Aerospace Engineer), I have him standing on a planet with a rocket orbiting about it. Since I am an artist, I am standing on a palette with paint brushes.

I had a lot of fun designing and animating this. Jamey was also very helpful in planning out the particular specifications (size, how to fasten the book togehter – [I think the metal bolts speak to his engineering background], etc). We also got a lot of great feedback from our guests saying how much they loved these flipbook save the dates. 🙂